Ensure the safety of your workforce with cutting-edge workplace safety management software.

Prioritizing the well-being of your employees is paramount. Implementing robust workplace safety controls is crucial in mitigating potential hazards and upholding compliance with established procedures and policies, thus safeguarding everyone on-site.

Office Management

Sustain adherence to compliance standards.

Fulfill your workplace safety compliance requirements effortlessly using our Visitor and Employee Management Platform. Seamlessly meet the standards of ITAR, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and other essential compliance regulations by leveraging our visitor management system. It collects and automatically manages the necessary data, ensuring adherence to the most stringent compliance standards while streamlining the process.

Enhance contact tracing capabilities with advanced software solutions.

Accurate and efficient contact tracing is essential for maintaining a comprehensive workplace health and safety policy. Gain valuable insights into the individuals present on-site at any given time, enabling you to effectively trace potential illnesses or address health and safety concerns. Our innovative software allows you to precisely identify employees and visitors within specific timeframes, helping you trace and analyze incidents within specific offices, floors, shifts, or groups of individuals.

Contact Tracing
Visitor Management System

Optimize capacity planning and streamline management processes.

Effectively manage on-site capacity by implementing robust controls that restrict the entry of employees or visitors when capacity thresholds are reached. Plan and optimize capacity through efficient scheduling functionalities, allowing you to determine and regulate the times when individuals can access the site. By doing so, you significantly mitigate safety risks. Furthermore, seamlessly integrate with space management tools to facilitate convenient desk booking, ensuring efficient utilization of available workspace.

MyLobby ensures consistent compliance across your global organization.

At MyLobby, prioritizing compliance is paramount. With a global presence spanning 40 locations, we maintain rigorous adherence to ITAR compliance regulations. Discover how we have successfully implemented a standardized visitor experience at each of our facilities, ensuring consistent compliance throughout our organization.