Capacity contol.

Ensure adherence to government-mandated, standards-based, or organization-specific capacity restrictions in order to prevent unauthorized access to your facilities. Utilize real-time monitoring of current and projected capacity to effectively control the entry of employees, contractors, and essential visitors at each location, determining when access should be granted or denied.

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Establish specific limits for capacity at each location.

Utilize our low-code platform to establish and customize capacity limits for each location. Easily modify these limits as needed to effectively manage your resources. Maintain compliance with the established limits by denying entry to any guest once the capacity threshold has been reached. Enhance the notification process by implementing workflows that efficiently escalate alerts to internal hosts, security leaders, or other relevant stakeholders whenever an unauthorized individual attempts entry.

Capacity planning.

Promote an invite-first culture by implementing a pre-registration system for guests, contractors, and employees (including hybrid and contingent workers). This allows for accurate tracking of their scheduled visits to your facility, enabling effective management of capacity limits. Gain real-time visibility into the current occupancy levels of your facility, as well as the expected number of individuals arriving at specific times in the future. This information empowers you to make informed decisions, such as denying entry when necessary or suggesting alternative arrival times for guests.

Visitor management system
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Monitor and track capacity with the MyLobby's assistance.

With the MyLobby Office Desk Booking System, you can instantly view real-time capacity limits and effectively manage the capacity of various locations directly from your mobile device. Whether you’re at an alternate site, remote headquarters, or even working from home, you’ll have the ability to monitor the arrival of individuals, track the number of people on-site, and stay informed about your current capacity limit. This enables you to make prompt adjustments as needed, ensuring compliance with your policies and maintaining optimal capacity management.

Office Space Booking Solution

MyLobby’s pace booking solutions help you establish a secure and flexible workplace environment for your employees. By pre-registering employees, you can enable them to select desks, workstations, and boardrooms, ensuring a safe spacing plan within your facilities. With these integrations, end users gain seamless access to top-notch space booking functionality, which becomes an essential component of your workforce security rollout. This combination of features promotes a safe and dynamic workplace experience for your employees.

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Join numerous enterprise organizations and revolutionize your workforce security through MyLobby's Office Desk Booking System.