Welcome to the MyLobby Event Registation System!

We are really excited to have you come aboard on the MyLobby Event Registration System! The Game-Changing Event Registration System That Will Transform How You Manage Visitors And Supercharge Your Organization’s Security.

The MyLobby Event Registation Application

Streamline your event check-in with our automated registration system. Say goodbye to long lines and paperwork, and hello to a faster, more efficient check-in process.

Event Registration

How to Access Parameter Settings

To Access Parameter settings click the gear icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

Enter 123456 as the password. Click SUBMIT.

Parameter Settings

MyLobby Event Registration Backend System

Your log-in credentials will be provided by your organization’s account administrator. Please check your email or contact your account administrator.

Backend System Link: https://admin.my-lobby.com/#/login

MyLobby Event Registation Dashboard

The event registration dashboard allows the administrator to see in real-time the activity of participants that have signed in. This dashboard is only accessible to Client accounts.

The Entries Module

The Entries Module is where all the visitors who have signed in/attended the event will appear. By default, the visitors for all the events of the account will be shown but users have the option to filter the entries. Users can filter the entries using the attendee’s name, event name, company name, and visitor types along with the date range to see the attendees for that specific date.


MyLobby Site Configuration

The site configuration is where the users can configure the site settings. This includes General settings where the users can set the site name and address of the site and event.

Invites Module

The Invites Module is where all events are listed. Users can create new events and add invites from CSV or add them manually. Users can also edit the events and change the event’s date.

Event Badge Printing

Most recently, we’ve also included a pin code for you to sign out written right on the badge so that when you sign out you can easily find your entry when you signed in rather than typing your name this weeks a little more convenient especially if you have a long name’ this will ensure that every visitor maintains compliance with your corporate security procedures and makes your front security or reception desk a lot easier to manage.

User Roles

We have three types of users in our “Event Registration System”:

  • Client Account: Has a full access to all the available MyLobby’s event registration features. This user type has the ability to Add and edit events in the MyLobby’s backend system. Also, client account has the ability to add user types such as event manager and admin account to their organization.
  • Event Manager Account: Has the ability to check the guest’s details and track the guest’s sign-out and sing-out date and time.
  • Admin Account: Has the ability to add and edit events in the MyLobby’s backend system.

Download the full MyLobby Event Registration System User Manual