Temperature Screening Kiosk 8-inch Floorstand

  • Floorstand Temperature Screening Kiosk

    and integrated screening application ensures all visitors and staff are compliant with CDC Guidelines.

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Floorstand Temperature Kiosk Scanner Model: MM-FL 1TK8

Temperature Kiosk

MyLobby temperature scanner Kiosk Model MM-FL 1TK8 Floorstand is an all-in-one wellness screening Visitor Management System ideal for a front lobby where visitors and staff members can easily sign in at the front desk.


Temperature Kiosk

This 8 inch Temperature scanner speeds up check-in time, reduces room turnover times, and increases compliance to mandatory screenings because caregivers answer questions instead of scrubbing medical forms every day. Setup your health screening process with just a few clicks at MyLobby's easy interface. With customizable screens based on individual business needs, you can also create custom narratives or company guidelines followed by staff members before allowing Individuals into your facility.

MM-1TK8 Temperature Scanner Kiosk Specifications

- Android 7.1 - Dual-core 1.8GHz + Quad-core 1.4GHz CPU, - 8" Touch screen, 4 GB RAM, 16GB Flash, - Dual-lens Camera(RGB+IR), LED lights, Wifi - Bluetooth, Ethernet - Infrared Body Temperature Measurement - 1 DC Port, 1 RJ45, 1 micro USB, 1 Wiegand, 1 RS485; - Digital Audio Speaker, Microphone; DC, 12V/2A

Welcome to the MyLobby family of Visitor Management Systems!


A: We created our own Temperature Scanner Software with the assistance and participation of our clients that are comprised of professionals in Human Resources, Facility Managers, and Directors of Operations. Their criteria was fast and easy to use experience for visitors and staff. Through this experience in working with them we quickly realized every organization has different needs. As a result, we are able to accommodate multiple ways in automating the COVID-19 screening process:

  • Facial recognition
  • NFC or Fob entry
  • Name, Phone Number, PIN
  • QR Code
  • Health screening on your own mobile phone

A:We promise an easy to use a thermal temperature scanner that automates the COVID-19 screening process more efficiently and effectively than a human screener at a significantly lower cost. Moreover, a better experience for employees and visitors alike. Most importantly, immediate notification when individuals are not compliant.

  • Faster connections from host to visitor
  • Better experience for visitors and employees
  • Streamlining Courier delivery notification to employees
  • Smaller office Square footage required
  • Reducing Operational costs

In addition, to back our claim you can see our video case studies form your clients sharing their experience on the link below: https://vimeo.com/album/5827863

A: The best way to present this to your colleagues is to start by comparing your current workflow process and also identifying some of the deficiencies that are essential to the operation of your facility. Our clients often asked himself the following questions:

  • Are we able to visually identify each visitor who comes in the building?
  • Are we able to track when a visitor has entered or left the building?
  • How legible is the visitor sign-in sheet in the event we need to read the names to account for the visitors in the building during an evacuation?
  • In the event of an emergency where we are not able to retrieve the logbook can we still account for visitors in the building?
  • If there is a security concern in the building and we need to quickly identify an individual(s) visitor with a picture of what they look like can we do that within a matter of minutes?
  • If we needed to report metrics of visitors that have entered the building at a particular given time of any past weeks or months, are be able to report back on these metrics quickly.
  • When large groups are visiting our facility can we process them quickly without bottlenecking the front reception area?
  • Are we able to identify or asked for visitors the purpose of visit in our logbook?
  • Are we able to identify and confirm contractors have agreed for our safety standards?
  • Can we confirm and audit contractors billable hours on any given service call?
  • Are we able to have visitors or contractors answer a specific set of questions and capturing those answers upon their visit?
  • Can we send reminder messages to visitors to sign-out?

Most of our clients had these deficiencies. Or if they were able to address some of these above points, it was usually extremely time-consuming and not practical for their operation. A MyLobby visitor management system you can solve all of these about points: moreover, the optics of having a visitor management system at your reception adds a level sophistication to your facility.

A: All initial support provided via email. If an issue cannot be resolved by email, we will make arrangements to escalate to have a support phone call with one our qualified support specialist.

A: Our parent company is MyMedia Inc. est. in 2005. Our goal, to provide organizations communicate more efficiently and effectively with digital display technology.

Most of our projects consisted of digital signage deployments to assist corporate communication and HR with internal communications. Eventually, the business evolved to customize applications for manufacturing and service businesses. There was a real need for providing real-time data and insights to the operation of our clients. Customized application development range from:

  • Data visualization dashboards
  • Data visualization with business intelligence
  • Digital wayfinding
  • Digital job boards
  • Daily events display (pulling data from calendars)
  • Boardroom booking Applications

The standalone version of the temperature scanner does not require an Internet connection unless you want to send Email notifications.

Yes we can easily change the temperature threshold in settings.

Yes it does. In fact , we can send an elevated temperature notification up to 10 individual addresses emails.

There are various ways, the first way you can transfer the files.

One way is you can transfer the file as an email attachment if your device has network data connection. The exported file is an excel sheet so the file size is small.

Another way of transferring data is by connecting the device to your computer with a micro USB OTG. Once connected, you can browse through the device’s folder in its internal storage and you’ll be able to transfer it to your computer.

The device can detect accurate temperature at a maximum distance of 48 inches.

The Temperature Screening Kiosk offers additional features through its configurable menu.

Live Facial Recognition: The Temperature Screening Kiosk comes with the ability to scan for facial recognition that matches an employee photo and profile. Mask Detection: Facial recognition features an optional alarm for face-with-mask recognition, ideal for workplace policy compliance on wearing face masks.

Facial recognition can be used to do temperature readings for individuals in a facility. Just stand in front of the device to be screened and the device will give a successful message or warning if the person has a normal temperature or not.

You do not need Internet access. You have local access to the device to upload the names of employees or members and also to generate reports.

If you have modified your part and something goes wrong or you aren’t satisfied with your item, our awesome team of dedicated technicians can help trouble shoot and offer advice to determine if your parts are defective.

In the event that something is determined to be a manufacturer error or failure due to defective materials, we will repair, return or exchange the item(s) as needed.

The device has a microusb interface at the back of the device. You can see the “N” icon on the left top corner of the screen once you connect your computer to MMTK-345.

Once done, you need to swipe down from the top of the screen and select all names you wish to import. Find the folder /sdcard/offline/register/ in the device and paste the images there.

We have Temperature Scanners that range from $300 – $2600.

Temperature screening kiosks are available in floor stand, desktop, turnstile, and wall-mounted options to fit a variety of spaces.

We can integrate MyLobby with your building access control systems so you can use your existing entry key card reader or badge scanner. This provides a faster, smoother experience for your employees and visitors. We can work with your team to implement a custom integration. Here is a video demo On how it works: https://vimeo.com/496721754

Real-time notifications through text and email will alert the Compliance personnel when someone who is non compliant based on the organization’s regulations check in the facility.

The kiosk utilizes a simple red and green light stop-go system. A green light indicates a normal temperature permitting safe entry. A red light indicates a potential fever temperature is detected, politely warning the user not to enter the facility.

The payroll user can view the reports of employees or members by pulling reports in the MyLobby system to view the selected hours of each member. With our restful API, this can easily integrate with other payroll systems. 

Like most commercial infrared thermometers have the capability to be calibrated with black body instrumentation usually performed by trained technicians. In addition, MyLobby has an onboard quick calibration reset tool that allows you to do an on-site calibration within just a few seconds.