Visitor Management System

MyLobby Visitor Management

Get started with your back to work operations by screening patients, visitors, and employees to your workplace quickly and easily in real-time without physical interaction.

MyLobby takes the hassle out of managing visitor and employee screenings. The app creates an efficient, automated process for you with no room for error. Available via mobile and web.

Visitor Queuing Display Boards

We are always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience, including making it easier than ever before! Our software solution allows visitors to register their names at a self-service kiosk or through a straightforward mobile phone app. This means you no longer need to take a visitor’s ticket number. The visitor names are displayed on the screen after they complete the self-registration. Guests will hear their name announced aloud by text-to-speech AI, which ensures everyone sees AND hears each person’s name clearly while staying accurate overall volume levels throughout any venue where this technology might find itself implemented.

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Time and Attendance

Of course, one of the most important jobs as a manager is to manage their employees. And this means taking an active role in managing them – from creating best-fit schedules and tracking time & Attendance all while overseeing absence rates for any sick leave balances they might have available on file through Automateworkflow management solutions designed specifically with your industry’s needs at heart so that you can better engage workers while controlling labor costs too!

Event Registration

Event registration app allows your visitors to register immediately or a self-serve kiosk they can print their badge.  It’s easy to use they can simply use a QR code for a contactless registration experience.

Visitor Management

Mylobby Antigen Testing

MyLobby antigen testing solution will help you track and document the entry of each visitor and employee in your organization.