Quickguide Setup for New Users | Employee Sign in

MyLobby Quickguide Setup for New Users

Below are steps to guide you on how to navigate the MyLobby backend

To view the MyLobby backend, go to this link: https://admin.my-lobby.com/#/login and sign in using the email and password you entered upon signing-up.

Mylobby Log in

Since this is your first time signing in, you have to activate your account by entering a new password.

Follow the guidelines when creating a new password:

  • Password must be at least 8 characters
  • should contain numbers and special characters
  • Latin letters, in upper and lower case, and should not be similar to the first name or last name
change password

How to View Visitor and Employee Sign-in

Click the ENTRIES tab to see the sign activities. You can click the DETAILS button of a specific person to view more details about their sign in activity.

MyLobby Entries

How to Add an Employee

Click the ADDRESS BOOK tab to see the list of employees.

Click the RED button at the lower right corner to start adding an employee.

MyLobby Addressbook

On the ADD HOST page, you can enter the details of the employee you want to add.

Don’t forget to check the SITE (i.e. check Hammer Smith based on the image) so that the system recognizes the employee as a part of your organization.

Click ADD to save your entries.

Add host

Close the app and relaunch it, then try to sign in as a visitor.

When asked WHO ARE YOU VISITING, type the name of the employee that you added and it should appear on the dropdown list.

who are you visiting page
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