MyLobby platform Automates OSHA Compliance for Unvaccinated Workers

The new OSHA guidelines present a unique opportunity to improve workplace safety and health. The requirement for unvaccinated employees is to provide a negative OCIVD test weekly and to wear a mask everyday. The MyLobby solution automates the compliance process so you can focus on your business, not paperwork!

We can automate the daily and weekly compliance requirements for unvaccinated workers which are:

mask not worn

MyLobby is the best way to ensure that your employees are compliant. We provide weekly proof of negative Covid tests, and it’s as simple as giving them a link on their phone or computer! The compliance team will look at this document once uploaded – click “approve” if they’ve done everything correctly – then you’re good until next week.

The second requirement for unvaccinated workers is wearing a face covering at work. MyLobby Mask Detection can determine if the individual employee is wearing a mask at the point of entry. In addition, this will provide track and trace capability to ensure your workplace complies every day!

How does the Unvaccinated Workflow Automate OSHA Compliance?

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