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MyLobby Visitor Management

Screen employees & Visitors Effortlessly

  • Sends QR code Door Access key
  • Prescreening from mobile phone
  • Streamline Prescreening third-party compliance
  • Real-time reports of who is in your building

Our Office Management Solution is a compliance tool that allows you to ensure that visitors, employees, and contractors are compliant with your organization’s policies.

Antigen Testing Solution
Hoteling App
Hoteling App
Hoteling App

Everyday compliance made easy

With the MyLobby solution, visitors can either use the self-serve tablet kiosk or do it in advance from any web browser, so your lobby can greet customers on time. Your receptionist screen and approve visitors before they get into your company’s building. Visitors will scan the QR code access key on their mobile phones to gain entry. The system generates reports that you can access online or export to Excel. You can integrate MyLobby with electronic door access control systems to unlock doors when visitors enter or leave your business premises automatically.


Visitor Management

Emergency Messaging Roll Call Automation

Visitor/Contractor Compliance Automation

Event Registration

Automate Queueing


Time Attendance

Attendance Digital Punch Clock

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Benefits your company will experience with our Office Management Solution

The New Hybrid Workplace and Office Management Solution

As organizations reinvent the workplace and reconfigure their office environment, MyLobby is evolving to respond to our client’s needs and automate as many processes as possible. Furthermore and more importantly, WE DO IT FOR YOU with our white glove service.

Besides, we understand that this new workplace has to be a frictionless experience for your team and visitors, and we have the expertise and know how. Furthermore, these challenges have spurred opportunities, our client’s to introduce greater efficiencies with our solutions such as:

  • Visitor Management
  • Contact-Less Sign-in For Visitors and Employees
  • Access Control Integration
  • Hoteling Office Booking App
  • Visitor Queueing Display Boards
  • Visitor Sign in From Mobile Device
  • Visitor Compliance Integration Screening
  • Emergency messaging

Finally, the new normal has forced us to reimagine and redefine today’s workplace. The MyLobby white glove service makes it super easy. Click here to learn more.

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