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How does the Health Screening Questionnaire Work?

We make it really easy for individuals to respond to the Health Screening Questionnaire on their mobile devices. Each employee gets their unique URL; this will save them from putting their name into the questionnaire every day. If your organization also requires a body temperature reading from the employee, the Onsite Health Screening Questionnaire will pair with the onsite freestanding temperature scanner. The staff member would have to display the QR code provided from the health screening app on their phone to the onsite temperature scanner. 

The temperature scanner can accommodate accessibility requirements as it has a bracket that can pivot 20° upper or down. This adjustability ensures anyone with wheelchair accessibility can access the freestanding temperature scanner. 

COVID-19 Screening App

Making Employee Health Screening Questionnaire Frictionless

COVID-19 screening app

Individuals are selective as to what Apps they download on their phone. There’s no app to download. Providing your employees with a unique URL and visitors a QR code to scan so that they can respond to the Covid screening questions quickly makes my lobby a frictionless health screening application for your facility. 

The MyLobby onboarding team will have it pre-configured so that the device with Health Screening Questionnaire will be already set up for a simple plug-and-play experience. If you require temperature you require temperature readings, we offer an optional integrated non-touch thermometer. In that case, we ship it to you in an easy setup kit that comprises three main components: the triangular base, the pedestal, and the swivel bracket. Set a time that takes approximately 30 minutes from start to finish. 


COVID-19 screening app
COVID-19 Health Screening App

You’ll never have to worry about compliance again! Our COVID-19 Screening App will automatically screen every person who enters your building for compliance with Covid-19 requirements. It’s easy to use, affordable, and has no setup fees. Sign-up today for a free trial of MyLobby!  

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