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Covid Employee Health Screening Tool

We understand how challenging it must be for managers to navigate a framework and keeping a safe working environment in a PostCovid world especially when the CDC and occupational health and safety is in posing a higher degree of compliance to ensure safety.  

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Temperature Check App

Employee health screening applications can ensure your staff and visitors comply with these regulations. 

The Value: 
  • Pre-screening questionnaires done on your mobile device 
  • Non-touch temperature scan 
  • Capture each entry for track and tracing reporting 
  • Instant notifications of noncompliance 
COVID-19 screening app
MyLobby Employee Health Screening Tool will capture the temperature and screening questionnaire responses to ensure each visitor and staff member is compliant.
• Reduce customer complaints from unhappy customers
• Questionnaire for quick modifications
• Monitoring, tracing, and tracking on a central server.

Our solution allows organizations to create a customized digital questionnaire to enable visitors and employees from any mobile device. Visitors and employees can respond quickly and easily with their own devices while waiting in line or sitting in an office lobby waiting room. This creates faster response times without sacrificing accuracy or quality of data collection for your organization’s research needs! The results are immediately available on your computer dashboard, so you always have up-to-date information at your fingertips – no more searching through stacks of papers! 


Since it all done digitally, there’s never any need to reprint forms if someone makes a mistake or wants to change their answers later!

MyLobby Temperature Screening Kiosk also offers one and one free virtual training and a library of videos tutorial explaining how the system. 

COVID-19 Screening App
• Instantly adds value to your company by giving the customer a health screening experience
• Save time and money with increased employee efficiency
• Compliance Officers and department managers are notified