Automate your Meetings and Office Space with MyLobby Hoteling Office App

The Value of MyLobby Hoteling App to Your Organization


MyLobby’s Hoteling Office App is the perfect app for scheduling meetings, hot desks, and office space. This solution is essential because it’s challenging to schedule meeting rooms manually on a spreadsheet. It makes it so easy for employees to get back to work with the confidence and trust in their employer to provide a safe work environment. 

The MyLobby’s Hoteling Office App is a comprehensive yet simple to use solution for your organization. It helps automate hot desk, office and meeting room bookings. Additionally, tt makes the job of everyday employees a whole lot easier, so they can concentrate on what matters in their jobs: doing them brilliantly. Also, the MyLobby Hoteling App and Hot Desk integrates seamlessly with our MyLobby Health screening app. You can ensure all your employees comply with health standards using the same technology with appropriate consent.

We know that many organizations want to become agile but don’t know where to start. Luckily, we have you covered!

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