The True Cost of Traditional Event Registration: A Breakdown for Planners

automated event registration

Event planners, amidst the bustle of coordinating a successful event registration  process is often an overlooked element. Yet, it’s a pivotal touchpoint that sets the attendee’s experience in motion. Have you ever stopped to evaluate the overall expense of setting up a traditional event registration? Let’s delve into these costs.

Attendee Experience

Cost Breakdown of Traditional Event Registration


Average Cost


Event Registration Initial Setup:

Email Platform and Questionnaire Tool

$50 to $500 per month

$145 per month

Onsite Equipment:


$50 to $150 per computer per day (up to $750 for five computers)



$20 to $50 each per day

Not Required


$100 to $300 per day


Total Hardware Rental



Physical Setup:


$200 to $1000

$200 to $300


Hourly/Daily Rates

$20 to $30 per hour (up to $240 for an 8-hour day) We need six attendance

6-10 Registration Clerks required @$25 / per hour or $200 per day x 8 Clerks $1600 per Day x days = Total Cost 3 Day event $4800

Staff of two 400 /day

3 x day event $1200

Travel Expenses

$200 to $500 per staff member for a two-day event

Introducing an Alternative Event Registration Solution Called by MyLobby

Planners, the goal is dual-fold: delivering optimal experiences while ensuring fiscal prudence. Enter a paradigm shift in event registration.
With the MyLobby system, eschew computers, scanners, counters, and drastically reduce staffing requirements. Attendees merely scan their email’s QR or pin code at a self-serve tablet kiosk. Immediately, their badge is printed. Efficiency personalized.
Attendees experience events
The icing on the cake? Implementing costs a Fraction  of the traditional method. A potential savings of thousands, allowing not just for fiscal efficiency but also providing attendees a state-of-the-art, streamlined experience. Features List

Below is a comprehensive list of all of the features:

Self-Serve Registration

QR Code & Pin Code Integration

Event Registration - Automated Email Sequencing

Cost Efficiency

Modern User Interface

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

OurEvent.App Dashboard

Integration Capabilities

Custom Branding

Security & Compliance

Multi-Event Support

Feedback & Survey Tools

On-Site Support (Optional)

Cloud-Based Platform

Payment Integration

In Conclusion

Event registration needn’t be an expensive, cumbersome ordeal. With innovations like, reallocate your budget towards enhancing other crucial event aspects, ensuring attendees begin their experience right. The next time you scrutinize your event budget, consider where you’d prefer to invest. Savings are merely a scan away.
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